The Outline in Isogo world!!

Landscape within the ward

Isogo Police Station
Isogo Fire Department
Keihin Industrial Zone
Umi no Mieru-kouen
The best in the ward Yahatabashi with traffic
The best in the ward Yahatabashi with traffic
House and land Mark Tower


There is Isogo world in southeastern area in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken.There are Negishi bay and Keihin industrial area in an East. A green tract of land is spread in the south.
Traffic is developed into the east, and quite many people use Sugita station every day.

Data in Isogo World

itemreference datecontentsranking in the city
area(April 1, 2016)19.02(Square kilometer)14st/18st
The population(Estimated population)(April 1, 2016)166,272people13st/18st
The general emission reduction rate of the trash and the resources (the ratio in fiscal year 21)(2015)10.7(%)2st/18st
The amount shipped by a product(2012)1,456,600,000,000 yen1st/18st
Product shipment value per plant(2015)17,550,000 yen1st/18st

It can't be said that there are a lot of population and area, etc.. But the reduction rates of the trash and the shipping amounts of the manufacturing items, etc. are in Yokohama-shi, it's very much, there is a feature. I think surprising becouse Isogo world shipment amount of manufactured goods is manyer than Kanazawa world.

I thought there was a lot of Isoko station for the number of people which takes a railroad.But I found out that JR Shinsugita station where I'm strong in a connection of another route is 1st.When tailender's Keihin Electric Express Railway Byobugaura station and JR Shinsugita station of about 1 are compared, there are about 4.4 times and a great difference.

The character of Isogo world "ISOPPI"

It was the character of the Isogo festival and become the mascot character of Isogo world.The alphabet of "I - S - O - G - O" is a motif.There is plum which is a tree in the ward or a cosmos which is a flower in the ward in mind.

Logo in Isogo world

This logo was established in 1983.This was established by solicitation as an exchange of an inhabitant of a ward and join symbolic representation.An initial of Isogo world "I" was symbolized in "i" of hiragana and the Roman alphabet (love), and the sun to the wave and the future was designed so that it was suitable for the ward which neighbors a sea.